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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What to Expect from a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant

When I meet women who admire my hair and seem interested in getting sisterlocks themselves, they always come around to asking two questions that are the deal breakers:

  1. How long did it take to put them in? and
  2. How much did they cost?

I tell them that with my 2 inches of new growth, it took two 7-hour days, but I quickly tell them that retightenings take only two to four hours.

Texture shot (click to enlarge)

When I talk about cost, I emphasize that the initial package price includes two months worth of services offered in a package of three visits! The three visits should include:

  • A Consultation where your Consultant will gather information from you about your hair care history; Share information with you about the care and maintenance of Sisterlocks. During this visit, she will put a number of Sample Locs in your hair, using different locking patterns, which she will monitor between the time of your consultation and your locking session.

  • The initial Locking Session, where your Consultant will do the entire Sisterlocks procedure. Some consultants schedule two shorter sessions for this depending upon the length of your hair. You will also be given your sisterlocks care kit at this visit.

  • Your first "Follow-up Session" which is your first check-in and minor re-tightening after 2-3 shampoos or about 3-4 weeks. (Remember, all this should be included in your Package Price!)

Everyones locs are unique!

Sisterlocks certification is your assurance that an individual has not only been properly trained in the techniques, but has gone on to demonstrate their proficiency in several important areas like, proper lock sizing, adequate consultations, long-term maintenance, and more.

Make sure that your loctician can be found on the sisterlocks website in the certified consultant section or in the registered trainee section.

Finally, if you live in the Atlanta area anywhere near Tucker, I highly recommend my loctician, Cia, of Kinky Awakenings!


Lakia said...

I heard Cia was good, great post

Kinky Awakenings said...

You are truly a Sisterlocks/Natural hair ambassador! I love the way you represent AND provide important information about the SL process. Thanks doc, you rock!!!!


SisterlocksMD said...

This is great info, most people bypass this important stuff! My blog has some info on the drama I went through finding a consultant...I finally found one I'm comfortable with and will be getting loc'd next month, wish me luck!

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