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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Kwanzaa Decorations

A post about Kwanzaa? In March?

I started to blog about Kwanzaa and our annual karamu when I started this blog, but I've been neglectful of my Kwanzaa blog and it is with great sadness that I've decided to delete it.

I was surprised when I couldn't find any other blogspot blogs about Kwanzaa when I started mine. That told me that there is a need! But sadly, my schedule will not allow me to do my Kwanzaa blog justice. So I've decided to post some of the content of that small, short-lived blog here.

I hope you are inspired by our decorations and express the principle of Kuumba (creativity) when making yours this year!


Maryee said...


Start that blog anyway and post as many pics and ideas as you can come up with. You'll be surprised how around the end of this year, you'll get lots of folks googling for some creative suggestions of how to celebrate.

Change your dates in your posts to reflect the days of Kwanzaa. Add links and pics and videos. I know I'd visit it when the time is right. Do it!!!

Docs Locs said...

Oh my, Maryee!

You know that you are making it hard. How can I refuse the great Maryee?

I will consider resurrecting the Kwanzaa blog, but this SL bloggin' is all consuming!

I do promise, however, to continue to make periodic kwanzaa posts on docs locs!

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