a sisterlocks journey

(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Monday, September 22, 2008

MeShi's and Magdalene's Locs

Just thought I would share a photos of MeShi & Magdalene.

MeShi Avery with beautiful, mature sisterlocks with Auburn highlights

MeShi is a licensed counselor and she coordinates the lectures of Dr. Ray Hagins when he speaks here in Atlanta, usually every third Saturday. She had mature and beautiful sisterlocks with a few streaks of color.

I met Magdalene at Barnes and Nobles Bookstore in Buckhead last night. She was gracious enough to allow me to take two photographs. But it is a small world - we discovered that we know several people in common both personally and professionally. I think she said Sophia does her hair!

Magdalene with a coiled coif of traditional locs

Her traditional locs were curled on hard plastic perm rods - she said that it takes about 3 hours to wash, retighten, set, dry and style her hair.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nappy, Kinky, Coily, Highly Textured Hair

Well, you've decided.

You prefer the term 'kinky' to describe our hair with a little over one-third of you voting for 'kinky'. Highly textured came in a close second at 28%. Coily hair was your least favorite.

I was surprised that 'Nappy' came in at only 12% since it seems so popular these days. Websites like Nappturality and slogans like "Happy to be Nappy" can be found all over the web.

Confidentially, I have never particularly cared for all the 'nappy' rage. Anyone in marketing who has had to brand a product knows that it is much harder to 'spin' a word with a negative connotation positive than it is to 'brand' a new term!

I prefer tightly coiled, highly textured hair. The phrase is too long to ever become popular, but there you have it - my favorite.

Dr. Welsing, an old professor of ours and author of The Isis Papers, is fond of the term 'helix hair,' reminiscent of DNA. I find the term 'helix hair' very layered in meaning since Afrika gave birth to human kind and human civilization!


(Read a more recent post about 'texturizers' here)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Amba cleaned up my kitchen!

We had an all day retightening session on Monday, but I must admit I arrived late and we took a leisurely lunch.

My next retightening will be in four weeks instead of five...and no DIY for me before then (except perhaps in the front, where I can see what I'm doing!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sisterlocks: How to make a hot mess of your kitchen

My hair has grown rather fast this summer and I've been getting retightened every five weeks or so instead of every three week as I did just after getting my sisterlocks installed this past winter.

I'm headed for Amba's in the morning and none too soon!

I don't care for a lot of new growth. In fact it bothers me so much that I decided to try my hand at retightening my 'kitchen' which still suffers slippage, especially when I've been swimming.

What a hot mess! Combined locs and overlapping (worse than the photo can show)!

Amba has her job cut out for her tomorrow. I think it may be a long morning. (She's always lurking - I'm just giving her a heads up! ;O)

It's a lot harder to work with a single sisterlock than you might think. Prep the area well with lots of hair clips (and to know what you're doing helps too!).

I've posted, in the past, that I have no intention of ever maintaining my own hair. I still don't. But right about now, I think I'll be checking into the next retightening course in my area - just in case I have to go an extra week or two without retightening next summer!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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