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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MC Yogi's "Obama '08 - Vote for Hope" hit

My arms are shrinking!

Sisterlock wearers, contemplatives and lurkers - my arms are shrinking.

I have to hold them outstretched to the max to be able to read newspaper print.

So, I figured that a very clever solution to my problem would be to buy a pair of glasses. You know, the kind that near-sighted, aging people with presbyopia have to wear :o).

While I was at Border's bookstore the other day, as an impulse buy, I bought two pair of glasses. One blue and one red. I couldn't take the squinting anymore.

I like the blue pair better

I just set my hair about 3 days ago - a braid out. It's pretty tightly curled and as I have gotten lax about binding and braiding, I am experiencing a little more bunching of the permed ends. It's hard to see the length that I have now with the newness of the set and the small amount of bunching, but in a week or two I will post some more photos.

Overexposed! ...but an interesting experiment with color...hmmm...

Exposure just right...the real me.

Shrinking arms and silver temples

Not only are my arms shrinking, but I am seeing a few 'greys' around my hairline.

Even Amba asked me in her musical British drawl, "Have you always had these greys about your head?"

Well, I don't any more! I used Miss Clairol root touch up. It was quick and easy.

We'll see how long it is before I see new greys.

A Political Train Analogy

I'm sure many of you got the email. I thought it was cute.

Just a warning, don't be deceived by the toy choo-choo...many are wagering on Palin being the front runner in 2012 if the Obama-Biden ticket wins next week...and if Obama and Biden don't win, the choo-choo will have the last laugh.

Obama and Palin Dancing with the Stars

A little comic relief.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh, I am such a delinquent sisterlocks blogger!

I have to do better over the holidays, but with the credit crunch and dreaded 'D' word (d*pression) I have been overwhelmed with planning, restructuring, downsizing, retrenching yada, yada, yada - like everyone else.

Anyway, still lovin' my sisterlocks. Below are some sisterlocks photos and a few others.

Above is a photo taken just after my retightening a few days ago. I am standing in front of a photo of Amba with her twin Ama - both of them in braid extensions before their discovery of sisterlocks.

I hate the straights right now! Straight permed ends, that is. But I love my curly braid-out. The photos above show my latest set. My hair has grown since my February installation and the locked portion is swelling now. The difference in texture between the permed ends and locked roots is much more obvious now. This is especially true when my permed-ends are straight.

I still can create the illusion of uniform thickness with a braid-out, though. Again, I use a spray bottle to wet my hair. It is taking longer to dry when soaking wet. The spray bottle allows me to control the degree of saturation. Water is all that I find necessary, but at this point, I sometimes use a little diluted Infusium, 1 part to 3 parts water. Your hair has got to be super dry before you take out the braids. My favorite appliance is a fabric bonnet-like hair dryer attachment that you can connect to a blow dryer. (It's easy to pack for trips as well.)

That's it for tonight.

Below are 'the friends': Brian, Zaire, Daniel and Sydney (the girl)...

at Dixieland Funpark in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Brian ------------Daniel (and Zaire) --------------Sydney

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