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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sisterlocks Style Gallery

I've decided to post larger sized photos like Blaqkofi from now on. She's one of my favorite sisterlocks bloggers and was a great inspiration to me when I was contemplating sisterlocks.

You rarely need to click on her photos to enlarge them in order to see the detail. Just testing my new uploads with some style photos below.

With sisterlocks, you will find your hair at its' fuzziest just after washing. It is a great look, especially with longer hair.

Mature locs appear much more uniform, cylindrical and less fuzzy because they have contracted.

If your locs are not mature (like mine) a braid-out will reduce the fuzzies and each loc will appear more distinct and a bit shinier since the heat tends to close the hair shaft cuticle.

The photo above was taken a day after a braid-out. You can see how distinct the wavy locs appear gathered up over the back of my head.

This is an easy style - pushed back over my left ear and pulled forward over my forehead on the right.

The same style pulled back on both side (I don't like hair in my face :o~). Lots of scalp is visible, but only from the top view, for the most. My hair was retightened about three days before this photo was taken.

I'm not too sure how I achieved this look. I think I had a large, thin head band around the hair and a clip holding up the back.

My 'cutsie' little girl style, a loc afropuff, worn sometimes when I work out.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Black Candle: A Kwanzaa Celebration

Autumn is my favorite season.

It heralds the grand holidays and the swell of our great expectations for the new year. It precedes my favorite holiday, Kwanzaa, and fills me with great anticipation for the many Kwanzaa celebrations in and around the city.

I was excited to receive an email from my friend, Esi, asking me if I had heard about a new film - documentary about Kwanzaa called "The Black Candle."

A collaboration by our illustrious historian, Molefe Kete Asante and his writer/film maker son, MK Asante, Jr., and narrated by Maya Angelou, it is sure to become a classic.

I have already purchased my (first) copy and the limited edition poster as well. The film makes a wonderful Kwanzaa gift!

Here's the trailer for your enjoyment.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post-Election Post: Still Lovin' Sisterlocks

Whew. I need to detox, as do many, from Obamamania.

[The obligatory hair photos!]
We had a wonderful election watch party: a potluck with friends, food, fun and fellowship. Lots of children were in attendance: it was an intergenerational affair.

Tears, shouts, laughs and predictions flowed from mouths to ears. It was an emotional evening for my mother who has childhood memories of a cross burning on her front lawn in Columbia, South Carolina, because my grandmother insisted upon registering people to vote.

My friend Dorcas is from Kenya so I gave away a few of these USA-Kenya friendship pins, reminding everyone that we have to thank Kenya for Barack Obama too.

[USA - Kenya friendship lapel pin]

But I really do need to detox. I have no interest in going to DC in January, but I know many people who do - I can't imagine the chaos (or excitement, depending on your perspective).

I will be with everyone in spirit, however, from the comfort of my warm home. Hoping he can, from time to time, 'sit by the door' so to speak, and throw a few crumbs our way...

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