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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sisterlocks Style Gallery

I've decided to post larger sized photos like Blaqkofi from now on. She's one of my favorite sisterlocks bloggers and was a great inspiration to me when I was contemplating sisterlocks.

You rarely need to click on her photos to enlarge them in order to see the detail. Just testing my new uploads with some style photos below.

With sisterlocks, you will find your hair at its' fuzziest just after washing. It is a great look, especially with longer hair.

Mature locs appear much more uniform, cylindrical and less fuzzy because they have contracted.

If your locs are not mature (like mine) a braid-out will reduce the fuzzies and each loc will appear more distinct and a bit shinier since the heat tends to close the hair shaft cuticle.

The photo above was taken a day after a braid-out. You can see how distinct the wavy locs appear gathered up over the back of my head.

This is an easy style - pushed back over my left ear and pulled forward over my forehead on the right.

The same style pulled back on both side (I don't like hair in my face :o~). Lots of scalp is visible, but only from the top view, for the most. My hair was retightened about three days before this photo was taken.

I'm not too sure how I achieved this look. I think I had a large, thin head band around the hair and a clip holding up the back.

My 'cutsie' little girl style, a loc afropuff, worn sometimes when I work out.


Toki PhD said...

I love the bigger size photos! I'll have to try that. The do's are really cute!

Dr Locs said...

I love the wavy pattern that your locks have from the root to the ends. I can really see the detail in the back photo of the up do. Are you getting that with a braid out or curling rods?

Docs Locs said...

Thanks, Dr. Locs!

I achieve the look with braids - about 16-17 or so. Then I use 1/4 inch flexible rods on the ends only.

QueenLi said...

Girl, your hair is nice, Very Nice!
Right now I have my braids all rolled up, and I forgot how I hated sleeping on them. I have only text updates on my blog though. Until next time!

Take Care~
*Click Name, to see my Blog*

Amba said...

The updo with the tendrils down on the sides is my utmost favourite. Really feminine and great for an evening do. I like the other shots as well. You really are a posterchild for Sisterlocks.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is beautiful! Over the TG holiday I had to explain to some people why I want to get sister locs and what they looked like invarious styles-I showed your site and I think I convinced them that relaxed hair isn't the only kind of beautiful hair out there!

Menelik Charles said...

You are sooo aesthetically beautiful!


NeSonya said...

You look FABULOUS with sisterlocks! I was a social worker with you at Morehouse School of Medicine and I saw your picture on-line. I have sisterlocks also... way to go!

Docs Locs said...

Nesonya! We published a paper together (or was it a poster?) Happy to know you are part of the Sisterlocks family!

Dee-Dee said...

I love your locks and how "girly" your styles are. I have just made an appointment to get my first set of sisterlocks on March 31 and I am very excited. Hopefully mine will be as beautiful as yours are. :)

Docs Locs said...

Hey Dee-Dee,
Hope you are happy with your new doo!

Lynn said...

I have been debating back and forth whether to get traditional locs or not because it is such a permanent hairstyle. I have seen a few women with the "Sisterlock" braids and I wasn't impressed because of the fuzzy appearance. This look really turned me off but I liked the idea of having thinner locs. After viewing your photos, I may have to consider Sisterlocks especially after you gave the tip on how to combat the "fuzzy" look.

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