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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fourth Retightening of Sisterlocks

I found my camera and guess where it was?

Behind my computer monitor!

So I'm back to posting sisterlocks photos. Sorry, I couldn't post the last shampoo, but here are some photos from before, during and after my fourth retightening.

Lot's of new growth the day before my fourth sisterlocks retightening

Me during my fourth sisterlocks retightening session

My hair is growing much faster now that summer is approaching. I went swimming once as well. I also have a big ol' head with lots and lots of sisterlocks. So my retightening took about 6 hours - and Cia works fast.

Me, stylin' and profilin' after my fourth Sisterlocks retightening

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fourth Month Sisterlocks Braid-out

After four months and three retightenings, I'm seeing less perm and more locs! Here is a photo of my latest braid-out set. Compare to the close up to my original braid-out photos (0 month label).

This is a shot of my hair just after removing my bendable rods. I am making the braids smaller now since my hair has grown out a bit, in order to get more wave, fullness and lift in the locked portion. Also, I can use bendable rods because I am setting only the permed ends on the rods. The actual locs will set better on hard perm rods. On the other hand, many people swear by soft curlers like Soft Spikes or Loc Loops - they are much more comfortable to sleep on!

Here's a recent texture shot.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bobby Kennedy, Barack Obama, Assassination and Hillary Clinton

I know, I know - it's a hair blog.

But I haven't seen my camera since I came back from DC two weeks ago, which is really ticking me off, and I found myself calling Mrs. Clinton the 'B' word for the first time yesterday. I need to vent, vicariously, through Keith Olberman.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Nostalgic HUCM Reunion

I debated with myself whether I would post just which reunion this was for us. I can't describe the feeling of seeing people you haven't seen in 20 years, but with whom you shared so many emotional and character building experiences as healers in training.

Tears threatened to spill over more than once when I laid eyes on many of my classmates after so many years. And we fell right back into conversation as if we had seen each other yesterday.

The weekend was fun, but bittersweet. It really made me acutely aware of my own mortality and the fact that the older I get, the faster the years seem to pass me by.

We graduated, we blinked, we were 20 years older.

Live in the now y'all, live in the now.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nina & Paul renew their vows

My friends Nina and Paul celebrated fifteen years of marital bliss on the first of May. They have been blessed with three beautiful children ( one girl and two boys). Nina, who usually sports a short 'fro, was looking pretty sexy with 'the girls' peeking out of the top of her cute little dress.

I met some of Nina's dearest friends, several of whom had the most beautiful, highly textured hair. Unfortunately, I'm horrible at remembering names, but beautiful faces like these, I am sure to remember.

Neatly groomed, traditional, palm rolled locs

These traditional locs ringlets were created with hard perm rods

The cutest TWA at the party

'When you prosper and establish your home, love your wife with ardor. Then fill her belly and clothe her back. Fulfill her wishes for as long as you live. She is a fertile field for her husband. Do not be brutal. Good manners will influence her better that force. Do not contend with her in the courts. Keep her from the need to resort to outside powers. Her eye is her storm when she gazes. It is by such treatment that she will be compelled to stay in your home.'

-The Teachings of Ptahhotep: The oldest book in the world [Africa]

Lookin' Retro-Disco in my Sisterlocks

Check out the "Afro-puff" I wore to the '70's Disco' fundraiser at my sons' school last week!

There were lots of Afro wigs, clunky shoes and long pointed shirt collars. Some people looked more mid to late 60's that 70's.

I remembered that after the 'mini-skirt' went out, the 'maxis' came in during the late 70's so I wore a long, maxi sweater, an afro-puff, a choker and the biggest hoop earrings I could find.

Grandma (who really thinks she can dance the Cha-Cha slide), stole the show doing the 'Bus Stop.' It was Barry White, Sister Sledge, KC and the Sunshine Band and the BeeGees all night long!

Third Re-tightening Sisterlock Photos: More Locs less Perm?!

Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but after the third retightening of my sisterlocks yesterday, I am seeing less perm and more locs when I pull my hair off of my face. What do you think?

Is it wishful thinking or creative imaginings after only 14 weeks?

My consultant told me not to use the diluted Infusium to set my permed ends anymore - just use water. She said that even though Infusium is very clear and watery, it IS a conditioner, it will likely seep closer to my scalp into the sisterlocks and may cause more slippage.

My re-tightening took longer this time, but the time passed quickly for me. The dips in the pool and ocean, as well as the fact that I shampooed my hair at least 4 time over the past month, caused my entire kitchen to slip - and completely! But I think the sisterlocks back there will hold up better over the next month or so, since I have no beach plans in the works!

World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show Sisterlocks Photos

Clouds and rain could not keep me away from the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show held in Atlanta this past weekend. I went by myself, but saw many familiar faces from the sisterlocks community here in Atlanta.

Calla Johnson, Wanda Washington & other local consultants sponsored the Sisterlocks booth

There were demonstration, classes and even spoken word! I didn't take any classes - the vendors, products and demonstrations were interesting enough. The many products were quite a temptation, but as a sisterlocks newbie, products are a no-no!

There was a wide variety of hair ties for sale and all were awesome! I bought some copies of previous issues of the sisterlocks journal and some sisterlocks starter shampoo. I saw lots of gorgeous traditional locks, twists, braids and pretty 'fros too.

Check our this brothers locs! (click for a close up!)

Sisterlocked sisters from 'Bean Town' (Boston)!

Luv the 'fro!

Carol of Loc Loops had a booth and I was happy to meet her. I'm 5'8" and was surprised at how tall and stately she is! If you haven't seen her 'How to wash you locs' video or heard her hair poem, 'My Song', check them out!

Me and Carol Pearson (Loc Loops)

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