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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bobby Kennedy, Barack Obama, Assassination and Hillary Clinton

I know, I know - it's a hair blog.

But I haven't seen my camera since I came back from DC two weeks ago, which is really ticking me off, and I found myself calling Mrs. Clinton the 'B' word for the first time yesterday. I need to vent, vicariously, through Keith Olberman.


Penny said...

I am mad too!! When did she say this? She really needs to drop out. I never though she was waiting around to see if she will be he last one standing. That's an interesting theory. I know about his death threats and I pray for him and his safety in these yet to be united states of america. Thanks for sharing. Hillary is heartless.

Docs Locs said...

Since Obama declared his candidacy, a scene from the movie 'Head of State' has flash through my mind from time to time. The scene is the one in which Chris Rock, playing a Chicago Alderman, imagined his own assasination if he became President.

I and, I would imagine, most women reading this blog are too young to have any real memory of the serial assasinations of the '60s.

But my mother, who remembers the murder of Emmett Till, Chaney et al, Jack Kennedy, Medgar Ever, Malcolm X, Martin King, Bobby Kennedy and others, is really feeling this.

Mrs. Clinton knows the odds against her getting the nomination, but she has GOT to do all that she can to see to it that Barack Obama loses. Why?

Because she can't run in 2012 against a Democratic incumbent. If Obama wins, she won't be able to run until 2016. By then, she will have to deal with being 'too old' and in all honesty, as a woman, she will have a tougher time of it than does McCain.

Penny said...

You are right most people don't remember or maybe they choose to ignore the fact how things really work. I read alot about african american history. I was fascinated with Malcom X and the systematic demise of the black panther party through infiltration and drug use and pushed in the african american community. The current race continues to show me that racism is alive and well and will always be. It saddens me to no end that we will continue to be a group of people that people don't want to associate as positive. Makes me want to holla. I still believe that his pastor made important points just that the lastest timing was all wrong. I feel he was angry and hurt. The motto at his church is unapologetically african american and christian. Thats deep. Thats a mouthful. People may not remember Emmit Till nor will they relate because no one cares about his story anymore they just equate it with the south and the history of bigotry and lynching. Girl don't get me started. I was reading about hair. However I love a great conversation and dialogue. I used to live in Atl 3 years ago. I worked for Clayton County Schools. I miss it.

Docs Locs said...

Wright never told a lie. Our reality is just different from members of other ethnic groups based upon our historical experience. Cointelpro was very successful.

As for Clayton county, the school system might be doing better if you had been able to stay!

Naturally Free said...

When I heard her make this comment, it pissed me off instantly because she just confirmed what I and I'm sure many of us had been thinking. If he gave her the VP nod, she would have him killed so that she could become president. I believe she is just that ruthless. Besides that, she just stands for the opposite of what he stands for in my eyes. Thanks for the political sidebar ;>


Maryee said...

Hillary put a nail in her own coffin that day. God bless and have mercy on her soul.

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