a sisterlocks journey

(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Sisterlocks Newbie!

I like to flatter myself by thinking that our extended conversations about sisterlocks are responsible, in some small way, for this wonderful sister's new sisterlocks!

Her sisterlocks were installed sometime within the last week, if I recall correctly, and by Calla. She started with at lease 4 inches of natural hair. It seems like yesterday that she was showing off her test locs to me!

Affirming that she will enjoy the journey!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Do You!

STI made a comment on this blog that contained a question that I thought I would post along with my response, because it made me consciously consider how my hair and my hair story may be judged by other naturals.

STI said...
Your hair looks amazing! Do you know when you will be ready to chop? I don't know when I will be ready. It seems like its very far away from now though.

How have people been towards you on this?

Docs Locs said...
Hi STI. No overt hostility.

People are all over the map about natural hair and sisterlocks in general. You will hear some people talk about the fact that they have never had a perm and have been natural all of their lives with great pride and flourish. If I were a little less secure, undertones of 'lifelong natural hair' snobbery, might bother me :o)

For me, in a world dominated by a Eurogentile esthetic, 'life long natural hair' IS a cause for pride! If you've read my hair story, I talk about how I wimped out when I went corporate after being natural for over a decade!

On the other hand, a couple of months ago, I had my first taste of sisterlocks envy, when a sister who had traditional locs overheard me tell someone that I had sisterlocks and promptly corrected me by saying, "they're LOCS!" (as opposed to sisterlocks, that is).

Even my interpretation of her comment is biased, as I am sure that she interpreted my use of the term 'sisterlocks' as ‘sisterlocks snobbery’!

My advice: JUST DO YOU.

A Few Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup Photos

What a pleasant encounter with sisterlocks wearers, consultants, and curious inquirers at this month's Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup group gathering.

Lots of good questions were asked by visitors, like How can someone transition from traditional locs to sisterlocks?, Are sisterlocks high maintenance?, How often can I wash my hair?, How long will it take to loc?.

2 months sisterlocked

We met at La Madeline's French Bakery at Perimete Center West. My first time there, I found it delightfully rustic.

Patrick Esquerre, founder of La Madeline's French Bakery

Andre Halston, Chef, La Madeline's in Dallas

Sophia came - sisterlocks intact! The consummate, blogger, she whipped out her camera to capture us all in our natural glory. I did the best I could with my cell phone camera :o~ I'm looking forward to her post about this event!

4 day old sisterlocks with new growth already!

I am also looking forward to next month's meeting. The topic will be "Coloring Sisterlocks."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sisterlocks Animoto Mania!

Animoto is the most awesome site.

You sisterlocks consultants out there (and other business owners) have GOT to check it out. You can make a commercial grade video promo of your work in under 30 minutes and upload it to your website, your blog, your youtube account or use it for marketing in other venues.

All you have to do is upload your photos then choose your music. Animoto does the rest. It will analyze the music and photos then mix a musical montage for you. This is great.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sisterlocks Photos: My fifth month lye-free and locked-up

Well, not quite lye-free.

I still have my permed ends. Not ready for the big chop yet. But enjoying the journey.

I cancelled my re-tightening scheduled for this Friday. I don't think I need it, believe it or not. After every three week re-tightenings, then every four week re-tightenings It will likely be five weeks this time. Even though my hair grows fast during the summer, I think the entangling has resulted in less slippage!

I guess it's no secret now, so I will post here that my consultant will be relocating - and out of the country, no less :o(

But she is having a get-together of other area consultants and her current clients this coming Saturday, so we can mix, mingle, network and hopefully click with a new consultant.

For my braid-out, I am now using 1/4 inch bendable rods - almost the smallest I could find, and I am rolling only the ends up to about two inches. This has resulted in a tighter curl that last a lot longer and that falls quite nicely. I rebraid and wet set it when the waves in the locked portion fall flat.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Misplaced My Camera Again

We came back from Hilton Head a few days ago and I haven't seen my camera since. I'm not too worried because I know I packed it and put it in the car before we drove home.

I'm really liking the entangling and length that I see since the weather got hotter. Hopefully, I'll be able to post some new photos soon.

In the mean time, here's a link to Barack Obama's new website to rebut the smear, rumors and lies: Fight the Smears.

If you receive any 'smearing emails' or hear any rumors or lies, let the Obama campaign watchdogs know via email at watchdog@barackobama.com.

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