a sisterlocks journey

(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Sisterlocks Newbie!

I like to flatter myself by thinking that our extended conversations about sisterlocks are responsible, in some small way, for this wonderful sister's new sisterlocks!

Her sisterlocks were installed sometime within the last week, if I recall correctly, and by Calla. She started with at lease 4 inches of natural hair. It seems like yesterday that she was showing off her test locs to me!

Affirming that she will enjoy the journey!


wendyw said...

my brand new locks looks really nice.thanksfor sharingmy long awaited joy with the locked community.may inspiration and the uniqueness of our beauty continue to catch fire and flourish.

Docs Locs said...

Oh my! You really do read my blog! Thanks for the comment!

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