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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nina & Paul renew their vows

My friends Nina and Paul celebrated fifteen years of marital bliss on the first of May. They have been blessed with three beautiful children ( one girl and two boys). Nina, who usually sports a short 'fro, was looking pretty sexy with 'the girls' peeking out of the top of her cute little dress.

I met some of Nina's dearest friends, several of whom had the most beautiful, highly textured hair. Unfortunately, I'm horrible at remembering names, but beautiful faces like these, I am sure to remember.

Neatly groomed, traditional, palm rolled locs

These traditional locs ringlets were created with hard perm rods

The cutest TWA at the party

'When you prosper and establish your home, love your wife with ardor. Then fill her belly and clothe her back. Fulfill her wishes for as long as you live. She is a fertile field for her husband. Do not be brutal. Good manners will influence her better that force. Do not contend with her in the courts. Keep her from the need to resort to outside powers. Her eye is her storm when she gazes. It is by such treatment that she will be compelled to stay in your home.'

-The Teachings of Ptahhotep: The oldest book in the world [Africa]


Zay The Gr3at said...

im a random blogger, but i was curious to know what TWA stood for

Docs Locs said...

A TWA is a "teeny weeny afro." Keep lurking, Zay!

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