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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post-Election Post: Still Lovin' Sisterlocks

Whew. I need to detox, as do many, from Obamamania.

[The obligatory hair photos!]
We had a wonderful election watch party: a potluck with friends, food, fun and fellowship. Lots of children were in attendance: it was an intergenerational affair.

Tears, shouts, laughs and predictions flowed from mouths to ears. It was an emotional evening for my mother who has childhood memories of a cross burning on her front lawn in Columbia, South Carolina, because my grandmother insisted upon registering people to vote.

My friend Dorcas is from Kenya so I gave away a few of these USA-Kenya friendship pins, reminding everyone that we have to thank Kenya for Barack Obama too.

[USA - Kenya friendship lapel pin]

But I really do need to detox. I have no interest in going to DC in January, but I know many people who do - I can't imagine the chaos (or excitement, depending on your perspective).

I will be with everyone in spirit, however, from the comfort of my warm home. Hoping he can, from time to time, 'sit by the door' so to speak, and throw a few crumbs our way...

1 comment:

LockedUp!! said...

Hello Doc Locs,
Just wanted to let you know, that your locks are absolutely beautiful. I love the styles that you are wearing. I have only had my locks for 9 weeks. The growth and fullness of your locks give me inspiration.

I am so excited.

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