a sisterlocks journey

(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sisterlocks Photo Essay: Months 1 to 10

What a challenge it is to capture the evolution of sisterlocks with my camera.

I can feel changes in the size and texture of my locs with my fingers, but through my photos the only obvious change is in the length.

As Cia promised, many of my locs that have truly locked are almost twice their original thickness. Most of those are on the crown of my head.

The many micro-locs around the periphery of my head and behind my ears are still rather small in diameter and I can still feel their crocheted pattern with my fingers, but they are well entangled and I no longer experience any slippage.

Sisterlocks Installation

Remember this photo? This was my two to three inches of new growth with permed ends on the day of my lockiversary ;o)

Here is my scalp at the end of day one.


Sisterlocks Retightening at 4 months

But check out the increase in length in the photos below. These photos were taken towards the end of my fourth month with sisterlocks.


Sisterlocks grow over several months: scalp photos

Compare day 3 sisterlocks...

...with week eight of sisterlocks. And compare week eight of sisterlocks...

...with month 8 of sisterlocks!


A fuller hairline

Check out the return of my previously 'burnt-out' hairline. At 9 month, lots of new coils have finally recovered from the shock of the 'lye' and are creeping out again!


Increasing length from month 2 to month 10


Braid-out set: Months 2, 4 and 8

Styled Braid-out set: Month 1 and Month 10


Nicky said...

How did u keep ur permed ends fromn breaking off hardcore with the strong loc texture at the top?

Docs Locs said...

Hi Nicky,
I couldn't keep them from breaking off, but I was able to slow down the process. After all, my ends were permed and therefore they were weaker than my natural hair.

But I think the following things helped slow the process:

~I didn't wash my hair excessively-Only once or twice between retightenings.

~I NEVER used a curling iron or other heating implements, except for a bonnet dryer.

~I never lifted color out as is necessary to lighten your hair.

~I continued to bind the permed ends very well and EVERYTIME I shampooed to avoid bunching - You can loose 1/4 of your ends with one bad episode of bunching!

But slowly loosing the ends is unavoidable. When wet, you could really tell the difference between the roots and the straggly ends.

The final ten month photo that shows coily, full ends is an illusion due entirely to the 'braid-out' hair style.

Dream Room Designers said...

Hi there. It was such a pleasure to meet you (and your mom) the other day in Kroger. I love your photos, you're hair is simply beautiful. If I wasn't convinced before I certainly am now. I will let you know when I join the sisterhood.
thanks again

Docs Locs said...

@DRD - Happy you visited the site and I enjoyed meeting you and your son as well. Keep us updated.

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