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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sisterlocks: How to make a hot mess of your kitchen

My hair has grown rather fast this summer and I've been getting retightened every five weeks or so instead of every three week as I did just after getting my sisterlocks installed this past winter.

I'm headed for Amba's in the morning and none too soon!

I don't care for a lot of new growth. In fact it bothers me so much that I decided to try my hand at retightening my 'kitchen' which still suffers slippage, especially when I've been swimming.

What a hot mess! Combined locs and overlapping (worse than the photo can show)!

Amba has her job cut out for her tomorrow. I think it may be a long morning. (She's always lurking - I'm just giving her a heads up! ;O)

It's a lot harder to work with a single sisterlock than you might think. Prep the area well with lots of hair clips (and to know what you're doing helps too!).

I've posted, in the past, that I have no intention of ever maintaining my own hair. I still don't. But right about now, I think I'll be checking into the next retightening course in my area - just in case I have to go an extra week or two without retightening next summer!


Nihuru said...

Your locs are gorgeous as ever. You are braver than I. I considered DIY briefly...very briefly. I'll be in somebody's chair forever. Poor Amba! But if anyone can make the corrections, I'd imagine she can.

Amba said...

ooh, think i need an early night(lol). But I commend you on diy attempts. I always encourage my clients after their hair has stabilized to try and take the retightening class. You never know when it'll come in handy.

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