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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Nappy Edged Freedom" by Roxanne

I was checking my old links and I discovered that the ones below are now dead :o(
...but you might enjoy this spoken word performance instead :o)

I washed my hair last night. It was my second shampoo since getting my sisterlocks. I waited only two weeks instead of three weeks, and boy, am I seeing nappy edges and a lot of new growth! Or is that slippage I see around the edges?

I guess nappy edges are relative, but this is nappy for me

My next retightening is scheduled in two weeks, but can I wait that long? If, after only three weeks, my first retightening took 4 hours, how long will my next retightening take if I wait four weeks and wash my hair again?

I must confess a secret, though. I broke one of the cardinal rules of sisterlock maintenance: I put something on my hair! Shame on me!

I made a glycerine based spray conditioner, following a recipe that I found on YouTube. It made my hair sticky, so I had to wash my hair :o~.

Fuzzies around the hairline!

"[like] Ancestors...creeping...naturally seeking freedom!" says Roxanne about our edges, in her poem entitled Nappy Edged Freedom.

I am feelin' this poem today!

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