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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Upclose & personal video of sisterlocks

I love Phyllis the Videoloctician!

Phyllis' latest video gives an excellent, upclose view of young sisterlocks. She includes great footage of the parting system which gives an excellent idea about the size and number of locs. Lisa, the model, has over 600 locs! I haven't taken the time to count mine yet :o)

At this posting, this video appears in the video sidebar, but it is such a great video that I wanted to highlight it in a post!


shavonne said...

How do you turn the music off on your blog? I don't see a player anywhere. How are people supposed to watch the video you posted AND listen to the music embedded on your blog?

Ayo said...

[My goodness :o~]

Welcome Shavonne. I am so pleased that you happened upon my blog.

Thank you so very much for pointing out this oversight to me.

One way to view the video without waiting for the song to end is to open the video post in a new window and then close the original window.

But you are absolutely correct! It is difficult for readers to find the "Kem" post located further down the page by which the music can be turned off.

I think it would be easiest for readers if I move the music control to the sidebar.

Thanks, once again, for calling this inconvenience to my attention. Future readers will forever be in your debt!


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