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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Docs Locs' Top Five Feedjit Search Terms

Feedjit allow you to watch your visitors arrive in real-time.

Feedjit tells you when they arrived, from where they arrived, any search term they used to find your blog and which pages they linked to to leave your blog.

I've found it interesting to see the search terms entered to find this site.

The unofficial top five Feedjit search terms used to arrive on Docs Locs pages have been, as follows (click the links to read the original posts):

The search terms above are not listed in any particular order.

And, by the way, "ugly black women" is a very popular search term...especially here in the States and in Eastern Europe.

There is a live Feedjit feed in the sidebar.


QueenLi said...

"ugly black women" WTH???!!

Are you saying "your Blog" comes up with the search of the above words? Oh MY! *angry/disturbed*

I have an update on my blog: click my name to see it! {My Vent!}

Docs Locs said...

Hi Queen,
Good to hear from you.

I have to admit that it is my fault that searches containing the words "ugly black women" bring up my blog because I have a post entitled, "Black Women are Ugly."

But perhaps this is serendipitous, because the content is not what those searching would expect - perhaps like people who steal bibles from hotels - they need it more than we do :o)

But I was surprised at how popular such search terms are: 'ugly black women', 'why are black women so ugly', 'black women are ugly', etc., are search for fairly often --- again, from the US mostly, but interestingly, from Eastern Europe and India quite often, as well.

It's kind of laughable to me because sisters are so beautiful.

My mother an I have commented often that photographs are far less likely to flatter us and in fact do not due us justice because of our rich coloring and fuller features.

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