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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Thursday, January 1, 2009

AfroCentric Network: A Great Shop in the ATL

If you ever happen to find yourself in the Atlanta area, make sure you go to the West End and visit the Afrocentric Network.

The shop owner, Margaret, a Kenya native, will welcome you with her big, dimple-framed smile. If she isn't there, Atieno, who has an equally pleasing personality will make you feel right at home.

Margaret (owner)

Atieno with individual braid extensions

The store carries a large selection of African and African-inspired clothing for both women and men. Margaret carries 'Kriswear' - the label under which designs by the award winning Ghanaian designer, Kwasi Christian, are sold.

Couldn't leave this Senegalese design in the store!

Wore it to the Gala!

There is something that will appeal to every taste within their extensive collection of jewelry. Accessories like hats, scarves, and handbags pepper the store in abundance.

The wide variety of fabrics including cottons, mudcloth, light and heavy lace and upholstery weight fabrics are a favorite with Atlanta area designers.

Margaret carries artwork, sculpture and home accessories from across the entire African continent - from prints to masks to soapstone to thumb pianos.

You can also find toiletries like raw shea butter, black soap, incense and oils.

The Afrocentric Network is a one stop shop for African linens, masks, statues, ornaments, artwork, apparel and accessories. They are located at 576 Lee St
Atlanta, GA 30310. (404) 756-0200.

When you visit, tell Margaret or Atieno that you heard about the Afro Centric Network on DocsLocs' blog!


Naturally Sophia said...

I really appreciate this review. I have driven past many times without checking it out. I love her green earrings. Very nice. Thank You!

Amba said...

I'll definitely check this shop out. You've mentioned it before but the photos brought it alive.

QueenLi said...

Peace, the place reminds me of the West End: Shrine of the Black Madonna, Afrikan Hebrew's Store, and I even have a classmate who has an Afrikan Boutique on that same strip! :)
My hair looks just like your friends, but I am growing my locks "under" my ext. Braids. ;)

Take Care~

Anonymous said...

Wow! and to think...I was JUST over that way, Friday and was SO busy searching for Rainbow the store, that I completely overlooked yours! Ugh...oh but praise be! I am searching for some raw black soap for my hubby's skin. We bought some about a month ago from an Atlanta area street vendor and tried to find her again but couldn't. He was slightly heartbroken..but I got online and found YOU so I WILL be there tomorrow first thing! Whew! I'm SO happy I found YOU!!! Audrey

Docs Locs said...

Great Audrey! It's not MY store, but one of my favorite hangouts...

Let them know you saw the blog post and that docs locs will be by soon!


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