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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kwanzaa Photos (More sisterlock photos next time!)

Just a few photos from this years Karamu. I've mentioned in a previous post (read all Kwanzaa posts here) that we host our Karamu on January 1 instead of the traditional December 31. We hadn't planned to show The Black Candle, MK Asante's new feature length film about Kwanzaa, (see the trailer here), but there are always a few people who hang out for 'the party after the party' so we watched it in the evening.


The children were at the center of things.

It was a potluck in the spirit of Ujima.

Wangari made salmon, Kenyan spicey rice and white rice. Naomi's Liberian collard greens were made with fish and chicken.

Helping hands were indispensable.

Such 'Kuumba' (creativity)!

[Oh, what the hay! I guess I'll toss in a few sisterlocks hair photos for the start of the new year anyway!]

May you be mindful of the seven principles even when times are most difficult, remembering that the right thing to do is frequently not the easiest thing to do.
Stay strong. Everything is in divine order.
Have a prosperous, peaceful and healthful New Year full of love and light!


Kittylocks said...

Thanks for stopping by. This looks like a lovely celebration. Kittylocks

Naturally Sophia said...

It looks like both a fun and meaningful gathering. I love the afrocentric cloths and decor. May you have continued blessings and peace in the New Year!

Free P. said...

AWWW I am so jealous that my family and friends didn't get involved with me this year as I celebrated Kwanzaa. I did however enjoy the celebrations each day with local Memphians at various locations throughout the city. We are vacationing in ATL March 13-15 and plan on catching the b-ball game but let me know the best veg restaurants and if anything cultural uplifting is going on that weekend. Thanks!

Docs Locs said...

Thanks for hitting me back, Free P!

Try Lovin it Live in East Point. [www.lovingitlive.com] and, of course...

Soul Vegetarian Restaurants. There is one in the West End in SW Atlanta and one closer to downtown in Virginia Highlands.

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