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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Monday, January 21, 2008

"What does your husband think?"

During my initial consultation with my sisterlocks consultant, she asked me what my husband thought about my locking my hair. The question made me just a little uncomfortable, not because I hadn't thought about it, but because I realized that there was a chance that he wouldn't like the idea.

If he didn't like the idea, that would mean that I would have to get my sisterlocks and feel really uncomfortable for a long time until they started looking cute ;o).

I didn't really know how he felt about it. I had shown him several photos of women with sisterlocks with out actually telling him that I intended to get them (but I'm sure he knew I was probably seriously considering it). He looked at the photos, then became distracted and ended up saying nothing. He is a man of few words and stoic reactions.

I told my consultant that I had shown my husband some pictures and that he knew me well enough to know that the chances were that I had decided to get them.

The next week, I emailed a friend of mine in Detroit and I mentioned that I had an appointment to get sisterlocked. Much to my surprise, here came that same old, annoying question: "What does your husband think about that?"

Well after that, I got even more nervous and I decided that I needed to ask him about it.

So I sent him an email.

I wrote in the text of the email that I had never thought to ask his opinion about any of my hairstyles before, but two people had asked me how he felt about my getting sisterlocks, so I got nervous and thought I would ask.

I spent the better part of an afternoon combing the web for photos of the most attractive women with the most attractive sisterlocks I could find. I saved the photos and attached them to the email and sent it to him.

Well, thankfully, he didn't keep me in suspense for long. My man of few words and stoic reactions sent this reply: "I'm sure that you will make those sister locks look absolutely beautiful!!! They can't help but be beautiful if they are on you!!!"


Tina said...

Wow. The first thing I thought of when I was considering sisterlocks was what my husband would think.

I think the question is asked because sisterlocks are supposed to be permanent. It's normal for me to ask him what he would think before I do anything major to the way I look. Because he has to look at me.

You've got a good husband. He gets mad points for his answer.

Ayo said...

Hi Tina,
Wow the first comment posted to my blog! I guess you have a point there. My husband DOES have to look at me :o)

DiVA_La Reine said...

I remember asking my mother what she thought about me getting sisterlocks. My hair is was always different pre SL's and I knew she didn't like traditional locks. I've always wanted to be natural so I knew it was something I would do no matter but her response meant a lot to me. Your husbands responsed was VERY romantical lol...I know this was an older post but I'm reading your entire blog start to finish =]


Docs Locs said...

Hi Diva,

Old or new, it is exciting when someone reads and COMMENTS on my blog! Thanks! I've already checked yours out and love your photos. I will be lurking and commenting when I get a chance to read it in greater detail!

ctd_baby76 said...

You have a good husband and the description almost fits my husband too. I haven't got SL'd yet but will be in a couple of weeks but I've been researching and talking about it for over a year now.

My husband believes that any hairstyle at all I get is up to me all he asks is that I still look good. That has always been his motto.

Now he's asking me why I'm not SL'd yet! Go figure.

Docs Locs said...

Hey Ctd_baby76,

I'm excited for you. You will enjoy the entire process and journey. Your husband sounds like a keeper! I hope you liked my post about Miss Jamaica.

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