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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weary of the Sisterlocks Conversation

I had a small shock this evening when I read on Sophia's blog that she wants to cut off her sisterlocks because she is tired of having to explain her hair to everyone.

I felt a pang of disappointment about her post because I just saw her at the Atlanta Sisterlocks Meetup this past Saturday. (She wisely didn't say a thing about it because she knows we would have been all over her not to cut them!)

But I can understand in a way. Even I have found my self weary of 'the conversation' a time or two during these short 14 weeks:

1. "What are those?" or "How long did that take?" or "Are those braids?

"They're sisterlocks."

2. "Oh. (deer in the headlights expression) "How often do you have to take them down?"

"You don't. They're really thin locs."

3. "So you can't take them out?!"

"No. They'll lock eventually."

4. "You'll have to cut them out?!!!"

"Yeah. Like a perm. You either grow it out or cut it out."
(return to #3 one time or more, then continue)

5. "Oh. (pause --- stare) Well, it looks good on you. Your hair is soft."

"Well, actually, it's rather thick. But thanks." Should I go into 'the more coily the better' monologue?....................Nah. I don't have the energy.

This...over and over and over. It does get tedious. And even though I love sisterlocks and want mine to be recognized as such, I think I will start answering simply, "They're locs." That should cut the dialogue by a line or two.

I suspect, though, that as they truly lock and look more like locs, I'll thankfully have much less explaining to do.


Naturally Sophia said...

Amen. I did not mention it intentionally. Afterall, the meetup is about Sisterlocks. Preach!

Anonymous said...

Amen it does. The only thing worse is when they reach out and touch them as if you gave permission for them to invade your personal space. At least you are in ATL so there is a more progressive view on beauty. Here in Ohio if it is not bone straight you can rest assured your hair will be the topic of a conversation very similar to the one you played.

Welcome to my blogroll!

*Coop* said...

When mine were new, I was so excited and wanted to talk to everyone about it. I was a neophyte. lol
Now, when I even see someone looking at my hair too hard or too long, I turn the other way. I don't even speak to other SL women when I see them out. I'm just over the whole idea of having to discuss my hair. I think folks think I'm rude but it's more social anxiety. I just don't know you!
If folks ask "are they locs?" yep.
"are they little twists?" yep.
"do they take a long time?" yep.
"is that yo' hair?" yep.
"insert any question about SLs". answer=yep

Docs Locs said...

Nice to know I'm not alone.

I must say, though, that I am still in the phase of being thrilled to see others women with sisterlocks. I have asked to touch a stranger’s hair before I got mine, but I've read enough blogs to know not to ask anymore!

I guess I have run into curious, but polite people - they usually don't ask to touch my hair and they haven't taken the liberty to touch my hair without asking.

I think I've only been asked twice to allow someone to touch my hair and they were friends who had the courtesy to ask first!

Another shortcut answer is "Google it!" I often tell them to Google "sisterlocks" when I am in a hurry!

ja stu sisterlock journey said...

I am actually at the stage of wanting or thinking about cutting off my sisterlocks,u c I have three hair colors gray mainly in the front,black at the roots and the ends are red, I did not color them red.I think I am going to cover the red ends and c what happens.

Naturally Free said...

No, the killer is when they ask how much they cost, then, they just stare at you like you are dumb.

Sometimes Chere... said...

Thank you for this BLOG!! Docs Locs your hair is beautiful. I have been on the fence about sister locs for so long. I want them but I WAS concerned about how they would "go over" professionally. I am going to do it! Thank you for sharing!

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