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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Friday, April 18, 2008

Natural Beauty Queens

Since I have no new sisterlocks updates or photos, I thought I would showcase these 'Natural Beauty Queens.'

Zahra Redwood, Miss Jamaica 2007

Zahra Redwood, 25, is the first Miss Jamaica to be crowned from the country's minority Rastafarian faith. Reuters announced her crowning in 2007 with this news release:

'With dreadlocks down to below her buttocks, the first Rastafarian to compete for the Miss Universe title is out to smash the stereotype that Rastas are only interested in reggae and marijuana...Redwood, a classically beautiful Jamaican [has] a degree in biotechnology and zoology.'

The first bald Miss Universe Pageant contestant was Flavia Matata, Miss Tanzania 2007. She finished in the top ten at the Miss Universe Pageant and was ranked for beauty at number eight out of sixty-one contestant in the pageant by Global Beauties.

Flavia Matata, Miss Tanzania 2007

One commentator said, "Miss Tanzania made the other women seem like 'fembots' because from Latin America, to Asia, to the Caribbean and Africa all of the contestants looked like clones with various shades of skin colour."

Someone commented on another blog that, "Most of the contestants from Black nations were weighed down by weaved extensions in an attempt to conform and fit in."

Whatever your opinion of beauty pageants, you have to admire the courage it took for these women to compete in all their natural glory!

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