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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Friday, April 4, 2008

Third Shampoo Sisterlocks Photos

I shampooed my hair for the third time. My third retightening was scheduled for later the same day.

Before braiding and binding

I would be on my way to Florida for my dad's film festival and for spring break the next morning. My dad, who lives in Florida, hadn't seen my sisterlocks. Braids and locs are not his favorite hair styles, so I wanted them to be "laid" so to speak!

I divided my hair into only eight sections this time.

Braided and bound

I've been diluting my sisterlocks starter shampoo quite a bit - about 1 part shampoo to at least 4 to 5 parts water. But I think I'll dilute it one part to three parts next time. I end up spraying more of the mixture on my hair when it is very dilute, using just as much as if I had diluted it 1 part to 3 parts water.

My shampoo spray bottle

Because I've been waiting so long between shampoos, there is very little lather with my first washing. But the second and third shampoos are nice and frothy.

Just after my final rinse - sqeaky clean!

Air dried, locs popped and on my way to my third retightening!

I think my next post will be about the film festival.


Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Look at Doc rock those freshly washed Loc's!!!!!! Your B&B has me envious,(8 sections I hate you).
I began with a TWA and have to section my hair into about 26 braids!

Please post about the film festival!

Maryee said...

I need me a spray bottle. Where did you get yours from?

Blog about the film festival, please. I got "script writing" on my mind.

Docs Locs said...

Spray bottle: Got it off of a shelf in the back of a Walgreens for $3.99. It's pretty small. But I NEED to go to Home Depot to get one of those industrial size spray bottles that Carol uses in her YouTube video on "How to wash your locs!"

Maryee said...

I think I'll do the Home Depot bottle like Carol uses, too. Thanks!!!

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