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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I've been sick as a dog today...but I'm alive! :o)

I dragged myself to my 6am retightening appointment by 6:30, and nodded through the whole process due to a 'Nyquil' hangover. I think Julia got tired of my head bobbing backwards every several minutes.

But when I got home, my guys had tied some "Happy Birthday!" balloons on the mailbox. They ran down the driveway to great me with big hugs and lots of 'air' smooches (I didn't want to give anyone my cold).

On the kitchen table there was a vase full of orangy-pink roses and a birthday cake and my presents - a year's supply of almonds and cashews!

After I read my cards, I crashed for a few hours. Grandma came by later in the day and they all sang to me before Mike left for work.

It was a nice day.


Serving Christ said...

OH!! Happy Birthday and you are lOOKING FABULOUS!! You are 21 right? Hope you had a wonderful day!

LaNecia said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Mine was also on the 31st!

Amba said...

Belated happy birthday. I hope you've fully recovered. Your hair looks fab and so do you.

dewdrop said...

Happy belated birthday to you!! Mine is coming up this Friday.

Gigglz said...

Happy belated birthday!!! your hair looks gorgeous!

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