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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sisterlocks Snow Day Photos in Atlanta, Georgia

It snowed all day long here in Atlanta! An unusual occurrence and quite a treat for my children who don't see snow very often.

The daffodils were already in bloom here and we were awaiting the forsythia!

Typically, it will snow once a year, dusting the lawn and melting by noon. Of course, this generates about 48 hours of special weather reports on all of the local channels. And everyone goes to the grocery store to stock up on bottled water, canned goods and batteries.

Every couple of years we'll have an ice storm that lasts a few days during which all of the tree branches are coated with ice and the roads become slick and treacherous. The power will go out in the city where above ground utilities are common, and there might be a school snow day closing.

But today, we spent the afternoon under the big tent at the UniverSoul Circus. ['Pride, joy and hip-hop, under the big top!']

When we went in, we figured that it would stop snowing by the time we came out, and the typical melting would have begun. But much to our surprise it snowed for the rest of the afternoon.

It is so beautiful outside. One can almost forget what life was like going to classes and commuting in weather like this month after month after month so many years ago.

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the quietness of the neighborhood that follows a good snow - which is easier to do when it is a rare treat ;o)

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