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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A First Attempt at Making Hair Ties for Sisterlocks

On a whim, I purchased some 1.5mm clear beading cord and notions on sale at Michael's.

These are photos of the hair ties that I came up with.

If you want to purchase the real deal, professionally done hair ties for locs and sisterlocks, you must check out Tomoka's Twists. I like Tomoka's Twists because they are made with coated wire. You can control the tension on your hair better than with hair ties made with elastic cord.

The beading cord that I used is smooth and doesn't catch hair to damage it, but Tomoka's wire hair ties can be positioned any way you like.

Brunsli's Hair Ties are gorgeous too, although, there were no hair ties for sale in Brunsli's Ebay store when I last checked.

Mwedzi has a good "how to" video on Youtube, if you would like to make your own hair ties. Check it out.


Carmennc said...

Your hair ties are so fun looking, love the colors. Thank you so much for the shout out too. I appreciate the support!

Did they have enough supplies to make matching earrings? The orange one rock!

Mike said...

How did you get the knots to stay in your cord? I bought some similar items to try & make a few hair ties, but I'm having the hardest time getting the knots to hold *sigh*

Docs Locs said...

I feel you, Mike.

It was difficult - pulling them extremely tightly with my teeth, doubling the cord, triple knotting.

I've made a few since using elastic bands - a lot easier!

Spicylocks said...

Thank you so much for sharing how you made your hair ties. I am going to try my hand at it to. I found that you can purchase various colors of elastic cord on the web. It is very easy to manipulate.

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