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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How I Shampoo My Sisterlocks at 14 Months

I love it! I love it! I love it! ----- Texture!

I washed my hair tonight.

Notice where I bind each section of my hair.

The secret to reducing bunching at your ends, if you still have permed ends, is to bind your hair just above and just below the transition between your permed ends and your loc'd roots.

1 Month

14 Months

It seems that my ends are taking care of themselves. You can see how much of the weak ends have fallen by the wayside in this comparison shot. When I decide to go ahead with the big chop, it may not be as big a chop as I thought it would be!

16 sections to be braided for a braid-out after washing

I bound my hair into more sections that I usually do. Six sections would be typical for me at this point, but tonight I decided to bind my hair into the sections that I would braid for a braid-out.

The sisterlocks kit comes with several of these elastic hair ties which you can find in any drug store. They are ideal for binding because they are small, don't damage your hair, have a lot of 'give' but can still be snapped in case I have a hard time removing them from my ends.

Follow this link to see some of the products I'm using now

My locs have thickened up and are taking a little longer to dry, especially when braided and rolled on flex rods. I've found that I can braid them when they are a little dryer that I have in the past, with the same results as long as they are very dry when I remove the rods.

Love my hair dryer. I use one of those bonnets that attaches to the end of a pistol shaped blow dryer. It travels well - compact and light weight.

The Finished Product

After I braid, roll, and dry, I will lose a little of my texture. The combination of the braiding and heat smooths the cuticle.

To keep more texture, you can free style or, for move waves and if you have the length, you can make Nubian knots and let them air dry without heat.

Tight curls just after the set and braid-out

The curls are really tight, but they will fall over the course of the next several days. I can help it along by spraying some water on my roots to make it fall faster. This set will last 2 to 3 weeks or more. All I do at night to maintain this style is to make a loose ponytail high on my head and put on my dreadsock.

When it falls it will look a lot like this...

Looser curls after 2 weeks


Sereni-T said...

How'd you know I was lurking? Creepy...lol. I'm always lurking, your sisterlocks are beautiful! :o)

Avartsy said...

gosh, so pretty...just had my re-ti done a couple days ago...i'm at a lil over 7mths, no permed ends, my go-to style is always soft spike curlers...so when will u do the big chop huh? doesnt look like it will be that big of a chop tho...

QueenLi said...

Nice, Very Nice! :)

I am at 17 months. I don't know if I will attend the hair show next month, but I went last year, and met a few lock-headz from the blogging world. :)

Take Care~

Jena Evans said...

Very stunning locs... I like when the locs have fallen after a few days. It looks very nice~


Charlene said...

Can you recommend a dry shampoo for sister locs?

Docs Locs said...

Charlene, I can't recommend one. I've never used one. When I've worked out alot and been to lazy to wash my hair, I've resorted to the old "spray in some cologne" move to hold me over ;o)

I would recommend that you check out Phyllis the Videoloctician. She has some great resources on her website, youtube channel, faebook page and Sunday night online telecast. She is happy to receive phone calls on the air or emailed photos and questions. Just google her name and you can get connected

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