a sisterlocks journey

(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Natural Hair / Sisterlocks: More Photos, (less text)

A good sistah's traditionals - working hard in ICU this day.


Gwen, now sisterloc'd, but natural for 45 years :o)


Melinda, 3 months sisterloc'd


10 years sisterloc'd


Sisterlocks Originator Dr. Joanne Cornwell

Dr. Cornwell, Dr. Sharita and Seestah Imahkus Nzinga Okofo chatting between their presentations at the Shrine this past Saturday.

My first braid-out in several months.

I'm liking the waves. It didn't take as much time as I thought because I braided it while damp (not soppin' wet), so I was able to use far fewer spongeless sponge rollers than when I don't braid first. I've been a little nervous about the rollers since discovering that weak loc base a while back.

I just might stick with the old braid-out for a while.



Queenli said...

The pics are very nice!
I got sick Saturday after 5pm and could not make it to the book signing! :( bummed...
However, Calla says there will a SL Expo this Dec. {I don't have further details though}.

Take Care
{click my name for Blog updates}

fizz said...

love the pictures and ur blog :) Blessings

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