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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The (BIG) Big chop

Free P, that Memphis natural brown eyed beauty, was right...I am enjoying it more after the chop!

After my Big (Top) Chop, I started trimming here and there over the course of several week. It was weird. I felt compelled to clip, clip, clip.

After the 'top chop' but before the 'back chop'

Still, there were still quite a few ends that I had clipped below the bunching and I knew this would cause a little pain during my retightening and slow the process down as well. So I snipped them off.

Bye-Bye Binding and Bunchies

Then I trimmed the rest of my hair evenly across at the nape of my neck.

Ok. So there are a few ends with a little sliver perm left...but not enough for me to ever have to worry about bunching again...

...and bye-bye binding, once and for all!

After the Big Chop


Ms. S said...

Hello! How long have you been sisterlocked? Have you kept the relaxed ends the whole time?

I plan on getting SLs soon but am not sure about a big chop soon after.

Cocoa said...

Thank you for the comments! Your blog is such an inspiration! Good job on cutting your ends on your own! Usually when I trust salons to just "clip" my ends I ended up with a dramatic hiarcut...lol Best wishes (...I have showed fam what a few of your day 1 pics look like and compared to current because they have so many questions...lol)

Naturally Sophia said...

I really enjoyed this post. You should enjoy your hair considering how good it looks! Continued joy on your journey,

Docs Locs said...

Ms. S,

I've been loc'd 19 months.

I kept the ends 'til July (about 17 months), but I will tell you that in order to hold a curl at the end of my 'braid outs', I would clip the ends a little to get them even.

Over time the ends will break off and bunching of permed ends can be a problem if you don't bind the ends with care EVERY time you wash your hair.

I found that braid outs, minimized the difference in texture between the permed ends the locking, natural hair.

Braid outs also help to camoflage any bunching you might experience as well. It also makes your hair appear fuller and more abundant.

However, braid outs (damp, braided hair, rolled on flex rods and dried VERY dry before removal of the rods), begin to take longer to dry as you gain length and texture.

But without braiding your hair BEFORE curling it, the variation in texture is MUCH more obvious (and would have led me to cut off the perm sooner).

One of the upsides of having cut off the permed ends, is that I now roll WITHOUT braiding first, which has significantly reduced my drying time.

Hope this inspires you!

Looking for lots of updates...:o)

dewdrop said...

Your locks look even better post-cut and very healthy.

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