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(a sisterlocks journey)

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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Photos of DocsLocs...It's been a while

How long has it been? This is a 42 month post. I see a post labeled 39 months, but those were yukky iphone photos that were under exposed. (I got a new camera :o)

My routine hasn't changed. I washed 3 days ago with a clarifying shampoo. Hot six oiled my scalp. Used a bit of a 'cholesterol-like' or 'mayonnaise-like' conditioner as a leave in. I rolled my hair in fairly small sections on perm rods (grey and white size). When I ran out of perm rods I used some sponge rollers sans sponges. I sat under a bonnet dryer - the kind you attach to a blow dryer...I'm more careful since I think I burned out 5 locs last fall...a post for another time...

I still hate to wash and do so about every two to three weeks or so. This set should last me a couple of weeks or until I shampoo again.

I know my ends look as if I bleached them. I think it's just their age and perhaps the sun. In fact, I put in a bit of dark brown color - mostly at the roots and perhaps 5 inches out - so the ends weren't covered with color. Been fighting those greys around my hairline, but I mostly rely on the mascara fix as I am particular about maintaining as strong and full a hairline as I can.

Hope all is well with y'all. Love your feedback.



Kreyola said...

Your sisterlocks are amazingly beautiful!!!! You give me something to look forward too!

Lovin Natural said...

Gorgeous! Peace and Blessings!

dewdrop said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics with us. :-)

Sinmi said...

Love your hair! I live in Atlanta and am considering sisterlocs. Do you have any suggestions for consultants I can talk to?


Docs Locs said...

What side of town are you on? Julia Stewart-Stackhaus is near midtown (near the dome) 404-718-9371

SasheShaunte said...

Ur hair is so beautiful and full! How long does reti take??

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