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Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog...

Beautiful People Who Follow My Blog

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sisterlocks Photos at 21 months...

I think I trimmed my permed ends a bit too much in the top and on one side of my head in the back.

Before my re-tightening this week

No photos for you, but one loc near nape and another near my crown came completely undone.

Julia decided to combine the few strands near my nape with a neighboring loc. She re-loc'd the one on the crown of my head.

After my re-tightening this week

Just showing some scalp. My parts are looks less like lines and more like intersecting grids.

Julia says that she will continue to do use reverse-4 pattern on my hair until she sees less of the pattern toward the middle of my locs.

When they say it can take a couple of years to be truly loc'd, they aren't kidding.

When I first considered locking my hair, I briefly had some of the African woman's "my hair is not straight enough" anxiety - but in the reverse. I was worried that my hair is not coily enough to loc quickly (I was thinking 6 to 9 months and viola)

Sometimes I see other women's hair and compare their hair to mine and I think, "My hair is not as coily as hers," as though it's inferior because it's not as coily.

It's surreal.


Felicia said...

That is so funny!! I, too, never thought that I would ever wish that my hair was more kinky, coily , so that I would lock faster. I'm a reverse 4 too!!!

Naturally Sophia said...

I know the feeling. Your hair is beautiful as it is, as you know.

A Sista Who Locked said...

Your hair is soooo pretty.... It is fine just the way it is!

LadyButterfly said...

GORGEOUS...just absolutely gorgeous. Trust me don't even worry about anyone else. Of course you are human but, have YOU seen your hair? WOW

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